PHP Framework

About Pletfix

Pletfix is a modern, easy to learn and fast PHP full stack framework.

Easy to Install

In a few minutes you will have installed a fully functional framework for the development. All source is available at the GitHub repository. So you can start right away. Try it out!

Our Philosophy: KISS

The most important thing for Pletfix is this point: Keep it simple, stupid! Why shoud we write an insane construct with hundreds of objects and files, if we can also do it with just a few classes? We just don't!

Fast, faster, Pletfix...

Since Pletfix does not have to execute more code lines than necessary, the execution is of course incredibly fast! Your users will love it.

Proven concepts

Pletfix is based on the best ideas of other frameworks, e.g. Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP, Aura for PHP, Doctrine, Slim or Flight. Of course, these include proven concepts such as MVC Pattern, Dependency Injection or HTTP Routing, to name just a few.


Safety is a must! Therefore, the techniques such as input filtering, validation, SQL injection prevention or CSRF token protection are not missing.

Powerfull Database Abstraction

Raw SQL is a thing of the past. With Pletfix's Query Builder you can even construct complex SQL queries without making it complicated. Moreover, Pletfix uses the advantages of the Active Record Pattern and supports the typical relationships.

Blade Templates

Blade is a simple but powerful template engine designed and implemented by Laravel. We don't think it can be done better, and that's why we took it over for Pletfix.

Asset Management

Pletfix provides a simple but efficient asset pipeline tool to publish your stylesheets, JavaScripts and other assets.

Command line Interface

Write your own shell commands in PHP! You can write little helpers for the administration of your application. It is also useful for writing cron type activities such as importing data and other batch or background operations.

Great Plugin System

Pletfix offers a powerful plugin system, which allows you to expand your application quickly by other features that the community has developed. Of course, you can also develop plugins themselves and provide the community. You will see that this is not very complicated.

And yes, it's free!

Pletfix is free and open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license which makes it perfect for use in commercial applications.