Errors & Exceptions

Handling errors in your application

[Since 0.5.0]


If an exception is occur an exception handler will be triggered by the Pletfix application.

You may customize the handler and the error messages as you wish.

Exception Handlers

The Pletfix Application Skeleton provides an exception handler that stored in app/Handlers/ExceptionHandler.php.

If you wish you can define an another exception-handler. For do this open the boot/services.php file. In this file is the handler bound to the Dependency Injection Container.

$di->set('exception-handler', \App\Handlers\ExceptionHandler::class, true);

You can change the class as you like.

The exception handler must extends Core\Handlers\Contracts\ExceptionHandler. There is only the handler's invoke method handle() defined. The default handler of the Pletfix Application looks like this:

public function handle(Exception $e)
    try {
    catch (Exception $e) {

    if (is_console()) {
    else {

First the default handler write a report to the log file. After then the exception message will print out.


The handler uses the Pletfix Logger to write the log files. To configure the Logger, you should modify the log option in your config/logger.php configuration file. Read the manual for details.

Error Pages

The views of the error pages are stored in the resources/views/errors directory by default.

If the debug mode is disabled, the simple error page is shown depending on the HTTP status code. You may customize this error pages for various HTTP status codes. For example, if you wish to customize the error page for 501 HTTP status codes, create a 501.blade.php. If the appropriate view is not exists, default.blade.php is rendered.

Debug Mode

You can set the debug mode in the configuration file config/app.php:

'debug' => env('APP_DEBUG', false),

When your application is in debug mode, detailed error messages with stack traces (and SQL dump unless it is an SQL error) will be shown on every error that occurs. In this case resources/views/errors/debug.blade.php is rendered:

Pretty Error Page


Pletfix provides a few exception classes stored in vendor/pletfix/core/src/Exceptions. A good place for your own exceptions classes is app/Exceptions.

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