This is the official and community editable documentation for the Pletfix framework.

About Pletfix

Pletfix is a modern framework written in PHP, with proven concepts like MVC pattern, Dependency Injection or HTTP Routing to name just a few.

The main principle is KISS - Keep it simple, stupid! What does that mean? Read the Contribution Guide to learn more Pletfix philosophy.


All source is available at the

GitHub repository.


Pletfix is free and open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license which makes it perfect for use in commercial applications.

Gettting Started

Ok, let's start...

Installation Guide

Follow the installation instructions to download und install a Pletfix application.

Upgrade Guide

Read the upgrade instructions to install the current release over your existing Pletfix application.


If you have not already worked with Pletfix, we recommend reading the "Hello World" tutorial.

Plugin Development

Create your own Plugin!

(edit on GitHub)