[Since 0.5.0]


You can run middleware before and after your Pletfix application to manipulate the Request and Response objects as you see fit. A typical use case for a middleware is the user authentication or a CSRF check.

Writing Middleware

A good place to store the Middleware is the app/Middleware directory.

Below is an example of a simple middleware class.

class Example implements MiddlewareContract
    public function process(Request $request, Delegate $delegate)
        // Modify the request or do something else before invoking the next middleware...

        $response = $delegate->process($request);

        // Modify the response or do something else after invoking... 

        return $response;

You may also add arguments if need it:

public function process(Request $request, Delegate $delegate, $argument = null)
    // ...

Invoke Middleware

You can add the middleware to a route. Read here to learn how to do it.

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